7 Ways to Care for Our Mental Health

1. Take care of yourself in all ways – get enough sleep, get some fresh air, try to eat a balanced diet.

2. Move it, move it – find an exercise that you enjoy, from walking to running to heavy lifting and more.  It will make you feel good in so many ways!

3. Turn it all off – take time to reflect each day and turn off all electronics that might get in your way.  We’re always so tuned in and it’s tough for our brain to deal with an “ADHD world”.

4. Find your group – make sure you have someone, be it a group of friends, a class or a social activity.  Studies have shown that connections make for good mental health.

5. Allow your moods to change – we can’t be happy all the time.  Accept that it’s okay to be sad or angry or any other emotion.

6. Set achievable goals – goals that are motivating but not overwhelming are the best.  If you need to, break down a big goal into smaller goals.  And accept that you may not reach it – we can’t do everything all the time.

7. Be kind, be kind, be kind – not only to others, but to yourself.  When you are feeling self-hatred or despair, think about what you would say to a friend who was feeling the same way.  Wouldn’t you be a lot nicer to him or her?  Well, why not be nice to yourself then?

Thanks to the UCL Student Support & Wellbeing for these ideas for good mental health