An Introvert in an Extroverts’ world

I don’t mind being an introvert most of the time.  I get to enjoy the house that we bought and I learned how to listen to my more extroverted friends at a young age, thus leading to my career in counselling.  But sometimes it is tough to be an introvert.  When trying to start up a business, it pays to be an extrovert.  Last night, I went to a gathering of various types of therapists and heard a presentation on networking.  And I wish I could do it better.  Cause not only am I an introvert, but I’m also shy.  Most people wouldn’t recognise this as I fight through it a lot, but it’s hard.  I have a tough time of making cold calls and asking people to like my Facebook page.  And so building a business and, to be honest, this blog has been a much slower process.

I’ve left parties early, I’ve chosen not to date certain really interesting (and way too extroverted) people…you get the idea.  But, there are some positives to being an introvert and I’d like to try to celebrate them.

Susan Cain has a wonderful Ted Talk on how introverts ought to be celebrated.  And I do appreciate some of my qualities.  I do work quietly and quickly, with confidence.  I don’t have to ask someone else what they think about it.  I can be content with a book.  And I have a very powerful imagination, which is fabulous when you can’t fall asleep (I just tell myself stories to calm my brain).

So, how am I going to cope as an introvert in an extroverts’ world?  I’ll do it slowly, get it done and hope that I don’t have to stay at too many parties for too long.

3 thoughts on “An Introvert in an Extroverts’ world

  1. Jelena says:

    I don’t know you in real life but would not guess that you were an introvert. Look forward to reading more on this (as a fellow introvert :))

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