9: Savour Life’s Joys

One of the things I’ve learned from my meditation experience is that one should live life in the moment. When you do this, you start to appreciate the little things – the taste of good food, the beauty of a flower, the scents on the air, the feel of the warmth on your skin, etc., etc.. When we’re in the midst of our typically stressful days, we sometimes forget to slow down a bit and look at the world around us.

One little thing that my husband and I have been doing is making sure that at least once a week we eat without any other distractions. We can enjoy the food that we’re eating and each other’s company. We make sure to try something new or be creative with something we’ve done in the past. We truly savour the flavours in front of us and the time to catch up on how life is treating us.

So, today, stop for just a minute. Let go of any thought that comes to mind about your day other than what’s happening in that moment (it’s okay if they come, just acknowledge them and let them go with a breath out). Notice the sounds around you. What does the weather feel like? What can you smell? Notice if it’s noisy or quiet. What do you see? What beauty can you find? What didn’t you notice just a moment ago? If you can do this daily, you will start experiencing more joy in your life.

One thought on “9: Savour Life’s Joys

  1. LFFL says:

    Live in the moment. Great article.

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