7: Learn to Forgive

Luckily, this has been an easy one for me as my father taught me to let go of negative emotions quite early on. Holding onto hatred is not great for your wellbeing. It doesn’t mean that you have to forget that someone treated you wrongly or that you have to let them into your life again…but it is focused on letting go of the emotion.

I went to a meditation workshop this past weekend and there was a big focus on living in the moment. That means the past and the present aren’t important. Just the here and now. And that’s an amazing way to live. I can still make plans and drea, while also remembering the past, but I hold onto the current moment and try my best to live in it. A great book which helped me work on this is called “Thinking Bodies, Dancing Minds” by Huang and Lynch.

Just remember, when you focus on the positivity in front of you, you are more likely to find it, than when you think about the negativity. How you respond to people will encourage their own response to you…so if you can learn to forgive, you will get back a lot more than you’d ever imagine.

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