Business Name

I have finally purchased the domains for my psychotherapy business. I’ll be moving on to making a website for the business and will be connecting the two together. Very exciting in my move toward my own private practice. What is the name you ask? Resilience Counselling. It’s something I think which speaks to what I want to do – help people (especially kids and teens) become more resilient. I’ll definitely post when this website becomes available.

I’m also going to start tweeting and using Facebook as well too. Yup, I’m trying to take on social media. So, if you want to check out my tweets and Facebook, check out the following:
@counselling101 & Come check it out!

8: Increase Flow Experiences

According to Psychology Today, flow is a state of effortless concentration and enjoyment. I remember quite a few moments of flow in my life – while playing field hockey, getting married to my husband, while singing in front of a church audience. In a flow state, you feel almost as if time has slowed down. Nothing else comes between you and your task. It is a fine line and a balancing act. I think I best achieve flow while reading, as the world could almost blow up and I wouldn’t notice.

So how does one achieve flow? Flow is achieved when doing a task that may be a challenge but it’s one you can handle. Flow can be achieved if you fully concentrate on the task at hand and nothing else. I think flow can be hard to achieve in this day and age of trying to achieve so many things at once. How often are we truly focused?

Just two weekends ago, I went to a mindfulness day. Meditation was difficult, but I enjoyed it. I believe eventually, I will be able to get in the flow through being more mindful of what I’m doing and living in the moment.

If you’d like to read more, then check out Finding Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

7: Learn to Forgive

Luckily, this has been an easy one for me as my father taught me to let go of negative emotions quite early on. Holding onto hatred is not great for your wellbeing. It doesn’t mean that you have to forget that someone treated you wrongly or that you have to let them into your life again…but it is focused on letting go of the emotion.

I went to a meditation workshop this past weekend and there was a big focus on living in the moment. That means the past and the present aren’t important. Just the here and now. And that’s an amazing way to live. I can still make plans and drea, while also remembering the past, but I hold onto the current moment and try my best to live in it. A great book which helped me work on this is called “Thinking Bodies, Dancing Minds” by Huang and Lynch.

Just remember, when you focus on the positivity in front of you, you are more likely to find it, than when you think about the negativity. How you respond to people will encourage their own response to you…so if you can learn to forgive, you will get back a lot more than you’d ever imagine.

6: Develop Strategies for Coping

This is where a therapist can come in, if need be, but we can all find healthy ways of coping when faced with moments that are challenging. No one has a life that has no challenges, and why would you want that? Challenges and taking risks make life meaningful and interesting. It’s truly the only way to learn.

You need to have an arsenal of ways of dealing with the variety of issues that can come up. From deep breathing to journal writing to running for hours, each can be a way of coping when the manure hits the fan. And if you can practice these things when faced with a low stress situation, then when the high anxiety hits, you’ll be good to go.

If you find that you are struggling more than you’d like, then find a good therapist – they can help you find the skills you already have, teach you new ones and work with you to apply them. Here’s one of my favourite things to do in times of stress – a deep breathing visulisation:

1. Sit comfortably with your back straight but relaxed.
2. Close your eyes and become aware of your breath.
3. Breathing normally, and try to follow the inhalation and exhalation.
4. Follow your breath, not your thoughts. Every time your mind is distracted by a thought, bring it back to the breath.
5. As you breathe out, imagine you exhale all your negative energy in the form of a color you don’t like, which completely disappears into space.
6. As you breathe in, imagine you inhale blissful, positive energy in the form of clear calming color, which fills your entire body and mind.
7. Breathe in, and hold it, then breathe out, focusing on the clear, calm feelings pervading your body and mind.
8. Before you rise, mentally decide that today is going to be a good day.
9. Throughout the day, try to keep this clear, blissful feeling inside and make it the starting point for all your thoughts, words, and actions.

And you can find tons of music on youtube to go along with this visualisation. Hope it helps!