3. Avoid Over-Thinking and Social Comparison

I find the third of the 12 things that happy people do differently to be one of the toughest to achieve. I grew up in a competitive world, where students would compare themselves to each other all the time. It became part of who I was, in some ways. But I’ve worked hard at fighting these thoughts. When I see a friend who has done much better than me, academically or financially, my first thought should be, “How awesome for them.” Instead, I tend to do a comparison, and thus think worse about myself. Envy is not something that helps you grow, but rather holds you back.

So now I try to use thought stopping and fighting those thoughts. Someone else’s achievents have nothing to do with me. Am I happy with where I am right now? If not, then what steps do I have to do to get there? And what successes have I already achieved? I then can remind myself that I have the skills to problem solve and get to where I want to be.

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